Correction| Volume 26, ISSUE 1, P77, January 2023

Corrigendum to “Proposed Injury Thresholds for Concussion in Equestrian Sports [Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. Volume 23, Issue 3, March 2020, Pages 222-236]”

      The authors regret that they did not obtain relevant permission from the copyright holder of the images from which figures 1 and 7 were adapted, before submitting the manuscript for this article to Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. This also refers to the partial use of methodology which has not been referenced properly.
      The authors confirm that they have now obtained retrospective permission from the copyright holder and that the following acknowledgement should be added underneath figures 1 and 7 “Adapted with permission from "McIntosh AS, McDowdell B, 1992, A field and laboratory study of the performance of pedal cycle helmets in real accidents. Proceedings of the 17th IRCOBI Conference, September 9-11, Verona, Italy“.
      The authors would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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      • Proposed injury thresholds for concussion in equestrian sports
        Journal of Science and Medicine in SportVol. 23Issue 3
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          Equestrian helmets are designed to pass certification standards based on linear drop tests onto rigid steel surfaces. However, concussions in equestrian sports occur most commonly when a rider is thrown off a horse and obliquely impacts a compliant surface such as turf or sand. This paper seeks to elucidate the mechanics of such impacts and thereby propose corresponding thresholds for the occurrence of concussion that can improve equestrian helmet standards and designs.
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